ME 101 Lecture Series 2019


ME 101 Lecture Series 2019


ME 101 Lecture Series 2019

Throughout history, the Middle East has been locked in engagements with the West through crusades, wars, colonialism and terrorism. In contrast, their history of engagements with the East has been more positive through trade, pilgrimage and inter-marriage. This series of lectures gave an overview of the circumstances and impact of the encounters between the Middle East and the rest of the world in terms of politics, economics and cultural norms.

A certification of participation will be awarded to those who attained 70% attendance at the ME 101 Lecture Series 2019.

The talk is held from 5.00pm to 6.30pm and the registration link was accessible HERE.


Series Introduction: Developments in the Middle East: Why Singapore should Care by Bilahari Kausikan [Wednesday, 21 August 2019]

Lecture #01: The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Singapore, Ground-Up Perspective by Gilbert Goh [Wednesday, 28 August 2019]

Lecture #02: From Suez to Singapore: All you need to know about Aladdin, Gigi Hadid, and Osama bin Laden by Koh Choon Hwee [Wednesday, 4 September 2019]

Lecture #03: Religion’s Role in the Politics of the Middle East [Wednesday, 11 September 2019]

Lecture #04: Geopolitical Competition in the Middle East [Wednesday, 18 September 2019]

1. The Northern Tier – the Levant by Fanar Haddad

2. The Gulf States by  Mattia Tomba 

Lecture #05: Interlacing of the Middle East with Southeast Asia by Zoltan Pall [Wednesday, 25 September 2019]

Lecture #06: The Wave of Sectarian Politics by Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman [Wednesday, 2 October 2019]

Lecture #07: Prospects for a Two-State Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Victor Kattan [Wednesday, 9 October 2019]

Lecture #08: Rise and Fall of Neo-Ottoman Turkey by Serkan Yolacan [Wednesday, 16 October 2019]

Lecture #09: Economic Reforms and Change in the Middle East by Rana Karadsheh [Wednesday, 23 October 2019]

Lecture #10: Energy Politics in the Gulf: Oil and LPG or Renewable Energy by Philippe Rose [Wednesday, 30 October 2019]

Closing Session by Bilahari Kausikan [Wednesday, 6 November 2019]


The talk is held from 5.00pm to 6.30pm and the registration link was accessible HERE


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