• Insight 174: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series- Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk: Untying the Knot
    Developments in the Middle East Insight Series A Note from the Editorial Team Last Friday, Victor Kattan’s Insight focused on developments in Palestine with the landmark deal signed between Fatah and Hamas, possibly paving the way for a greater Palestinian unity against Israeli occupation. We continue to keep..
  • Insight 173: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series- A Heavy Dose of Realism Brought Hamas and Fatah Together
    By Victor Kattan CLICK HERE FOR PDF On October 12, 2017, Hamas signed a deal reconciling it with Fatah and its leader, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, after a decade of alienation and failed reconciliation attempts. Hamas agreed to disband its shadow administration and form a government of national unity with the Palestinian..
  • Insight 172: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series-The Coup-Country: Charting Turkey’s Post-Cold War Transformation
    Developments in the Middle East Insight Series A Note from the Editorial Team We continue to look at Developments in the Middle East and we thought it timely to re-issue an updated Insight on Turkey by Serkan Yolacan. In his article “The Coup Country: Charting Turkey’s Post-Cold..
  • MEI Kaleidoscope | The Wind-catcher, a Traditional Air-Conditioning Method in Iran and the Gulf
    By Charlotte Schriwer 17 October 2017     The hot and arid climate of the Gulf has been a challenge for those living there for thousands of years. It is no surprise, then, that buildings in particular had to be engineered to accommodate the geological and climatic factors of the region...
  • MEI Event Snapshots: The Fall and Rise of Legal Education in Asia
      Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law, gave a talk on 12th October 2017 about how legal education as a field has emerged in Asian countries since decolonization. 1) The colonial powers sought to suppress local efforts at establishing legal education as a field of..
  • News Roundup: 7th October - 13th October 2017
      Egypt Qualifies for World Cup after 28 years Cairo erupted with fireworks and celebration after winger Mohamed Salah scored the second goal and secured a 2-1 victory over Congo. The win clinches Egypt a spot in the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia. The victory and mass public celebrations were a..
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