• Arbitration Clause in Islamic Finance Facility: A New York Convention and Model Law Perspective
    Arbitration Clause in Islamic  Finance Facility: A New York Convention  and Model Law Perspective By Haji Hamid Sultan bin Abu Backer CLICK HERE FOR PDF Arbitration presently is a subject of great commercial and public interest. Many countries have started taking pro-active steps to encourage ‘Alternative Dispute..
  • Insight 165: International Arbitration and the Rule of Law in an Emerging World
    International Arbitration and the Rule of Law in an Emerging World: A Qatar Perspective By Chris Campbell-Holt CLICK HERE FOR PDF The expansion and globalization of cross-border investment and trade has led to increased and more complex commercial relationships between businesses, investors and states. Arbitration has become increasingly popular with..
  • Insight 164: One State, Two Sultans: The Rise and Fall of Neo-Ottoman Turkey
    Updated 6 June 2017 By Serkan Yolacan CLICK HERE FOR PDF Not so long ago, Turkey was an imperial outpost on the communist frontier, gazing across at the Soviet empire on behalf of the United States. That Cold War arrangement was sustained internally by the Turkish military, a part of NATO, which..
  • News Roundup: 17th June - 23rd June 2017
      Saudi Arabia’s Royal Shake-up In a royal decree issued on Thursday, King Salman of Saudi Arabia ousted his nephew Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince, replacing him with his son Mohammed bin Salman. The unprecedented move has been viewed by many as corollary of the kingdom&rsquo..
  • MEI Kaleidoscope | Communicating Dissent in Bahrain
    By Charlotte Schriwer 21 June 2017   Protest graffiti in Barbar village, Bahrain, by the ‘Ahrar Barbar’ movement   Since February 14 2011, Bahrain has experienced heightened social tensions following on the series of popular revolts that began in Tunisia in 2010 and have since profoundly affected much of the Middle East..
  • Reconstruction in the Middle East | Iran’s Post-war Reconstruction
    Written by Imad Alatas Introduction Iran’s domestic landscape on the social, political, and educational (including scientific) fronts have been altered considerably by the eight-year war with Iraq (1980-88). These changes have simultaneously challenged Iran on different directions both domestically and in the international arena. Post-War Social Mobility On..
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@MEI_NUS   Start your day with these beautiful photos that capture the celebration of #EidulFitr around the world.

@MEI_NUS   The #Gulf continues to dominate headlines,but there are equally significant developments in the rest of the region:……

@MEI_NUS   Hear what MEI's Mattia Tomba has to say about the list of demands issued to #Qatar. #thingsMEIresearchersdo

@MEI_NUS   .@ajaltamimi joined our Pol. Econ.cluster meeting to discuss the evolution of IS' governing system over the years.……

@MEI_NUS   MEI's Dr Schriwer draws back the curtain on #Bahrain's #graffiti culture in our latest Kaleidoscope issue:……

@MEI_NUS   Prof Sluglett hints at what may be in store following #SaudiArabia's King's latest decree. #thinngsMEIresearchersdo

@MEI_NUS   Conflicts of the past, such as the Iran-Iraq War, can be useful when exploring reconstruction in the #MiddleEast:

@MEI_NUS   With icy relations b/w #Qatar & Saudi Arabia persisting, it is worthwhile exploring Saudi's struggle with stability:

@MEI_NUS   "Trump doesn't really know anything about the Middle East," opines Prof. Sluglett. #ThingsMEIResearchersDo

@MEI_NUS   Get a glimpse of a researcher's life with @AHAhistorians' interview with our Research Fellow Dr Wen Shuang.……

@MEI_NUS   What's next for #Iran? We explore the factors that led to Rouhani's victory & what's in store for his 2nd term:……

@MEI_NUS   Learn about Qatar's attempts to stay ahead of the curve in international law in our 'Insight':……

@MEI_NUS   Tune in to @ch8sg this Thursday at 10.30pm to catch what Prof. Sluglett has to say about the ongoing #QatarCrisis.……

@MEI_NUS   MEI's Zoltan Pall discussed the latest developments of the #QatarCrisis on @BFMradio: #thingsMEIresearchersdo

@MEI_NUS   Our Transsystemic Law cluster met today to discuss @NUSingapore's Dr Jamal's research on plurality in Islamic #law.……

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@MEI_NUS   Our latest lecture brief unpacks the nuances of comparative history that was discussed during Prof Adal's talk:……

@MEI_NUS   We regret to inform you that Prof Atai's talk this Thursday has been cancelled.We hope you will join us for our oth……

@MEI_NUS   Dr Zoltan Pall delved into the factors & implications of the #QatarCrisis on @primetimeasia with @SteveLaiCNA.……

@MEI_NUS   MEI's Peter Sluglett shares his thoughts with @CNBC on the latest development involving Qatar:

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