• Insight 169: The Rule of Law in the Arab Gulf Project: Relevance and Future Issues
    By David Mednicoff CLICK HERE FOR PDF As I write these words, the nations of the Arab Gulf are embroiled in a serious diplomatic squabble that might make us question the significance, or very possibility, of developing a comparative framework for understanding the rule of law in the Arab Gulf...
  • Insight 168: The Socio-Cultural Mediation of the Rule of Law In the Gulf Arab States
    By Gwenn Okruhlik CLICK HERE FOR PDF Both scholars and practitioners argue about the substantive content of the rule of law. The World Justice Project, which brings together both, emphasizes four universal principles: 1) the accountability of all before the law, including government officials; 2) laws that are clear, publicized and applied..
  • Insight 167: The liberation of Mosul and the prospects for Iraqi rebirth
    By Fanar Haddad CLICK HERE FOR PDF Just over three years after stunning the world with their takeover of much of Iraq and their establishment of ‘the Caliphate’, the so-called Islamic State (IS) has been ejected from their de-facto Iraqi capital Mosul. Much to the delight of people..
  • MEI Event Snapshots: Israel in a Changing and Shifting Middle East
      Dr Soli Shahvar, Director of The Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies, gave an informative talk on July 11, 2017, on Israel’s position in relation to the various actors in the Middle East.   1) Israel is managing the Israel-Palestine conflict by prioritising interests of security, energy and..
  • News Roundup: 15th July - 21st July 2017
        Iran Hit with New US Sanctions The United States announced new sanctions against Iran for its use of ballistic missiles, targeting 18 individuals and entities in particular. The Trump administration has long viewed Iran as a threat to geopolitical stability in the Gulf, evidenced by Trump’s criticism..
  • MEI Kaleidoscope | Oman’s Vernacular Architecture: The Genius of its Traditional Water Systems
    By Charlotte Schriwer 20 July 2017   Underground falaj system in Bahla Fort   For thousands of years, civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula region engineered and developed water supply systems for domestic and agricultural use through often ingenious methods in climatically and geographically challenging environments. Although many of these systems have fallen..
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