Insight 213: Qatari Foreign Policy and the Exercise of Subtle Power

08 Oct 2019

Small states are generally assumed to be on the receiving end of power in the international arena rather than a source of it....

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Insight 212: The Attack on Saudi Aramco Threatens the Global Economy; So Why Aren’t the Asian Big Players Doing More for Gulf Security?

02 Oct 2019

By Hasan Alhasan   While the world fixates on the West’s response to the 14 September attack on Saudi Aramco, the oil giant’s...

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Insight 211: Engaged Small Neutral States

24 Sep 2019

In February 2019, the Middle East Institute organised a workshop titled “The Statecraft of Small States: Foreign Policy and Survival Strategies” to examine...

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Insight 210: Negotiating Insecurity — Small States and Multinational Security Coalitions in the Middle East

10 Sep 2019

In a volatile Middle East with proliferating threats and regional middle powers competing for influence, some states are using multinational, ad-hoc security coalitions...

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Insight 209: The Statecraft of Small States: Foreign Policy and Survival Strategies

27 Aug 2019

The Arab boycott of Qatar in 2017 has reignited the debate about how small states should pursue their strategic interests in an increasingly...

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Insights: The Idea of the Northern Tier

29 Jul 2019

Click here for the PDF   In this volume, Middle East Institute scholars Serkan Yolaҫan and Nisha Mathew delineate the shape of a...

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Insight 208: How China Continues to Look at Iran

03 Jul 2019

Iran is the linchpin of the Belt and Road Initiative’s overland component. This, coupled with the United States’ withdrawal from the JCPOA and...

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Insight 207: How International Law Evolves: Norms, Precedents, and Geopolitics

24 May 2019

In December 2018, MEI co-organised a workshop with Macquarie University titled “The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts: International Legal Migrations, Comparisons, and Connections” to...

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Insight 206: Old Problems, New Solutions: An Emirati Perspective on the Southern Tier in the Middle East

06 May 2019

The Obama administration’s signing of the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 marked a shift in America’s Middle East policy, hinged on an alliance...

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Insight 205: Afghan Trading Networks, Geopolitics and Everyday Diplomacy: Transcending West Asia’s Northern and Southern Tiers

23 Apr 2019

Central Asian transnational commercial networks play an important role in connecting much of West Asia. Since the traders who form such networks are...

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