Call for Papers for “The Role of Sovereign Investment Vehicles in the GCC”


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Call for Papers for “The Role of Sovereign Investment Vehicles in the GCC”

09 Jan 2019

We are pleased to announce that the next Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) will be held at the University of Cambridge on July 15-18, 2019. Mattia Tomba from the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore, together with Juergen Braunstein from the Belfer Center at the Harvard University, have been selected as directors for the workshop “The Role of Sovereign Investment Vehicles in the GCC”. This workshop brings together leading experts on Sovereign Investment Vehicles (SIV) and the Gulf and provides the ideal platform to have open discussion about the future of SIV’s in the development of GCC.

The workshop welcomes papers from scholars in the field of economics, finance, political science and international relations. The papers can either focus on one GCC country or propose comparative studies among GCC countries or between GCC and other countries/regions. Case studies are encouraged. The workshop is mainly intended to raise awareness about the optimal role of Sovereign Investment Vehicles (SIVs) and it welcomes research on the following topical areas:

  1. SIVs and the Industrial Revolution 4.0
  2. SIVs Privatization and Capital Market Development in GCC countries
  3. SIVs in Global Energy Transition
  4. SIVs Role in Attracting Foreign Investments
  5. SIVs and their Role in Building a stronger Private Sector
  6. SIVs their Accountability and role in Social Service Delivery Systems
  7. SIVs Regional Soft Power and Geopolitics
  8. SIVs and Risk Management


Abstracts are due before January 20th, 2019. Please use the following link to apply:


Deadline for draft papers: 15 May 2019

Please also note that successful GRM participants qualify for a travel allowance. For further details on the terms and conditions of the travel allowance please visit:


For more information on the conference, do click here: