2019 S R Nathan Distinguished Lecture


2019 S R Nathan Distinguished Lecture


2019 S R Nathan Distinguished Lecture

The aim of the S R Nathan Distinguished Lecture is to provide greater awareness and understanding of the modern Middle East.

This lecture provides a forum for statesmen, internationally prominent scholars and public intellectuals to express their views on key issues. The lecture series is named in honour of Singapore’s late former president, Mr S R Nathan, who encouraged a deeper understanding of the Middle East region in Singapore.


When economists attempt to predict the future, they base their predictions on theoretical models combined with empirical analyses of past data. But today, we are facing an unprecedented and rapid change in technology, business models, demographics and geopolitics — on a scale never seen before. Therefore, merely looking into the past may no longer be sufficient. In order to make predictions, we need to rely on diverse arguments from a variety of fields, in hope of outlining plausible scenarios and offering some useful insights and guidelines for governments and corporations, to help them be more prepared for the potentially turbulent future.

In this talk, Dr Kandel will try to outline a few insights derived from his last decade of preparing the strategy for the government of Israel, as well as from working within Israel’s technological innovation sector. He will discuss his views on the social impact of innovation, mostly using Israel as an example. He will also refer to the potential of innovation in the Middle East.

The event will be from 3pm to 4.30pm on 17 October 2019.

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Event Details

Professor Eugene Kandel
Chief Executive Officer
Start-Up Nation Central

Crescent Ballroom, Level 2
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646

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About the Speaker(s)

Professor Eugene Kandel is Chief Executive Officer of Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening Israel’s innovation ecosystem and connecting the world business, government, and NGO leaders to people and technologies in Israel that can help them solve their most pressing problems.

Between 2009 and 2015, Professor Kandel served as head of Israel’s National Economic Council and economic adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He played a central role in all major decisions on economic policy.

He is the Emil Spyer Professor of Economics and Finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He holds a BA and an MA from the Hebrew University, and an MBA and a PhD in Economics from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. Professor Kandel’s primary area of expertise is financial markets and financial intermediaries, and his research has been published in various world-leading finance and economics journals. His research was instrumental in the 1997 redesign of Nasdaq trading rules.