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Anti-Sunnism and Anti-Shiism: Are They the Same Thing?

09 Apr 2018

As part of a larger inter-disciplinary research project entitled Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts (SWAR), the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University, Denmark, convened a one-day workshop last month on “Shi’a and Sunni-Islamism(s) in a...

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Gold Smuggling between Dubai and Bombay

08 Apr 2018

Reflecting on a lecture she gave at the South Asian Studies Program this past Friday, Research Fellow Nisha Mathew traces the history of gold smuggling between the Dubai and Bombay, using gold instead of the common trope of oil...

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Reaping the Fruits of One’s Labour

05 Apr 2018

Research Fellow Zoltan Pall’s book, “Salafism in Lebanon” was recently published! It is a book project that he holds dearly and takes pride in. Read on if you want to understand his research process and get a snapshot of...

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Israel-Saudi Relations Soaring to New Heights?

04 Apr 2018

Saudi Arabia opened its airspace to an inbound flight to Israel. This is an unprecedented move given the delicate relations between these neighbours. What could this mean for the balance of power in the Middle East? Senior Research Fellow Victor...

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