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Call for Papers for “The Role of Sovereign Investment Vehicles in the GCC”
09 Jan 2019

We are pleased to announce that the next Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) will be held at the University of Cambridge on July 15-18,...

Heard @ the Souq
Iran: More than Meets the Eye
17 Dec 2018

By Syed Imad Alatas

Heard @ the Souq
MEI Kaleidoscope | Wild for Hip-hop: Middle Eastern Youth Embrace Genre as Agent of Change
12 Dec 2018

Anyone familiar with the culture of the Middle East or has lent a listening ear to Middle Eastern radio would know that Arab...

Insight 194: Islamic Charitable Networks: From Southeast Asia to the Middle East?
20 Nov 2018

Charity Networks Series – A Note from the Editorial Team While the prevalent view of Islam, and specifically of Islamic charities, is that...

MEI Kaleidoscope | Photographers Shifting the Lens on the Middle East
30 Oct 2018

By Zafirah Mohamed Zein 30 October 2018   The images that have emerged from the Middle East and onto our newsstands over the...

Heard @ the Souq
It’s Time to Take Palestine v. United States of America Seriously
17 Oct 2018

Following his op-ed in Ha’aretz on Palestine’s upcoming legal battle with the US over the relocation of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, MEI...