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Heard @ the Souq
Internet Use in Qatar
21 May 2018

How do Qataris use the internet? Read this infographic to find out!

Heard @ the Souq
Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Destinies
17 May 2018

Heard @ the Souq
What is the “Muslim world”?
16 May 2018

Drawing from Cemil Aydin’s work, Research Associate Muneerah Razak analyses and discusses what is meant by the “Muslim World”. 

Heard @ the Souq
Lessons from Israeli Entrepreneurship
15 May 2018

Heard @ the Souq
The contributions of Yemen’s diasporic community in Southeast Asia
11 May 2018

Our own intern, Tim Min Hui, a Political Science undergraduate at NUS, delves into a short history of the Yemeni diaspora in Singapore,...