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News Roundup
News Roundup: 17th February – 23rd February
23 Feb 2018

The Spread of ISIS to Southeast Asia With the collapse of its caliphate dreams in the Middle East, it is likely that the...

News Roundup
News Roundup: 10th February – 16th February
15 Feb 2018

A Pledge to Help Rebuild Iraq After successfully defeating ISIS, Iraq is now embarking on its reconstruction. At the fundraising conference held in...

News Roundup
News Roundup: 3rd February – 9th February
13 Feb 2018

Southern Separatists have opened up a new front in the Yemeni civil war   Rebels have opened a new front in the Yemeni...

News Roundup
News Roundup: 20th January – 26th January
25 Jan 2018

Turkey’s offensive against Syrian Kurds     On 21 January, the Turkish military bombed Afrin, a Kurdish-controlled city in northern Syria. Referring to...

News Roundup
News Roundup: 13th January – 19th January
19 Jan 2018

Suspending Recognition of Israel Last Sunday, 14 January, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Israel “killed the Oslo Accords”. The following day, leaders of...

MEI Kaleidoscope | Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of Arts
20 Dec 2017

By Zafirah Mohamed Zein 20 December 2017     Arabic calligraphy was born out of the period when the dawn of Islam was rising from...