The Syrian Conflict: 7 years on

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The Syrian Conflict: 7 years on

15 Mar 2018

Last Friday, Channel News Asia aired an ‘Insight’ special about the 7th anniversary of the Syrian Crisis. The programme consisted of a 22-minute video documenting the rise and current status of the ongoing situation of the conflict.

During the interview with Channel News Asia, our Senior Research Fellow Fanar Haddad gave his comments on the roots of the 2011 Arab Spring and the Syrian Crisis, the humanitarian problems that followed with it, Syria’s relations with neighbouring¬†states and the changing nature of the war itself.

“This was decades of [I’d say] misrule, a lot of pent up grievances and injustice and in the spirit of the events of 2011 and the uprisings of 2011, something was happening in Syria. However, unfortunately for Syria and the region and [quite frankly] for the world, this very quickly became internationalised and [very quickly] became militarised.”