Iran’s Factional Politics: Upcoming Elections and Foreign Policy Implications


Iran’s Factional Politics: Upcoming Elections and Foreign Policy Implications


Iran’s Factional Politics: Upcoming Elections and Foreign Policy Implications


Iran will hold legislative (2020) and presidential elections (2021) under heavy unilateral sanctions imposed by the US after withdrawing from the JCPOA. The processes will serve to measure the capacity of the current pragmatic-reformist governmental coalition to remain in power in the midst of heightened international, regional and domestic tensions, resulting from the latest developments in the Persian Gulf waters, and the demonstrations taking place in Iran after the elimination of fuel subsidies. The talk will address the current factional scheme, the future prospects in face of the upcoming electoral processes, and the possible implications for the Iranian foreign policy

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Prof Luciano Zaccara
Research Assistant Professor
Gulf Studies Centre
Qatar University

MEI Conference Room, Level 6
Block B, 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119620

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Clemens Chay
Rozlan Giri
Zhong Yi Ng
Susan Kurdli
Danny Ang
Kee Khoon Neo
Jonas Gjesdal
Samuel Ho
Nazreen Coupland
Salman Bokhari

About the Speaker(s)

Luciano Zaccara is a Research Assistant Professor at the Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University. Also a Director of the OPEMAM, Observatory on Politics and Elections of the Muslim and Arab World. He holds a BA in Political Science from Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina; and a PhD in Arab and Islamic Studies from Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain. He held a Post-Doctoral position at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona; he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in Qatar; a Visiting Research Fellow at the Princeton University Center for Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies; and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Exeter Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies. He has published extensively on Iranian and Persian Gulf Politics, Elections, and International politics, both in English and Spanish, and he regularly contributes with several news outlets in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.