1. Research Associates: MEI welcomes candidates with a good BS/BA or MSc/MA degree in business or economics. The position provides an opportunity to develop subject expertise in finance, energy and policy analysis, and regional expertise in the Middle East and Asia. Curiosity, analytical ability and clear writing are qualities we seek.
  2. Research Assistant: MEI is also looking to hire a research assistant to support the work of the Director. We seek a candidate who is curious, analytical, organized. The position will support the director in developing initiatives and projects linking the Middle East with Asia.

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MEI Internships

The Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore offers a limited number of internships each year to students who are interested in deepening their understanding of Middle East and North Africa, and who would like to further their research through any one of MEI’s three research clusters. MEI welcomes applications from those who are pursuing their post-secondary (junior college or polytechnic, etc), undergraduate, and postgraduate studies. Pre-university students who are at least 18 years of age may intern with us on a volunteer basis.

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Benefits and Rewards

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