The Middle East Institute (MEI) is hiring! As a Singapore-based research institute, we are well-positioned between the Middle East and East Asia. If you have in-depth knowledge of the Middle East but also understand Northeast or Southeast Asia, we welcome your application. Masters and PhD holders are welcome to apply.

Our specific areas of focus and study include:

  1. Politics

Gulf Politics, including Saudi Arabia and Iran. We’re looking for candidates with in-depth expertise on individual countries, and a lively understanding of the animating dynamics of the Gulf region.

Middle East Politics, including topics such as Political Economy, Resource Curse, Rentierism, Diversification, Geostrategy, International Relations, Conflict.

Military and Security Affairs.


  1. The Diffusion of Ideas

Fundamentalist or militant religious ideas or networks, Salafi or jihadi movements in the Middle East or Southeast Asia. The different channels through which ideas are diffused across regions and through countries: whether these are networks, via technology, education or through family and people-to-people contacts.


  1. Economics Or Business

MEI has a major interest in the burgeoning commercial and economic links between the Middle East and Asia. Fields of interest include banking and finance, sovereign wealth and public “private equity”, public finance and country analysis, infrastructure, trade, energy, industry.


  1. Law

Islamic Law covering commerce, finance, Salafism, how Islamists use law in politics, social debates and controversies.

Private International Law and Commercial Law. MEI has interest in the legal aspects of growing links between the Middle East and Asia in trade, construction, finance, infrastructure, alternate dispute resolution, BRI.


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