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Following the Trail of a Peacock, from Northern Iraq to Singapore and Beyond (part 1)

02 Aug 2018

In this blog series, MEI Visiting Research Fellow Martin van Bruinessen writes about the curious significance of the peacock across cultures from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. This first part discusses the peacock in Yezidi culture, represented by...

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The Art of Resistance: A History of Graffiti in Iran

31 Jul 2018

By Zafirah Mohamed Zein 31 July 2018 Graffiti has always been seen as art for the masses, treating the walls of a city as its canvas, vibrantly displaying political sentiment and social commentary in bold and unique styles. Graffiti’s...

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The Writing on the Wall: Rethinking the International Law of Occupation

27 Jul 2018

Professor Aeyal Gross delivers a talk on his new book on international law of occupation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Black Beards and Blue Helmets: Jihad, Peace-keeping, and the Question of Universalism

25 Jul 2018

Professor Darryl Li delivers his talk based on his research on transnational jihad and peacekeeping in Bosnia. 

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Transformation of Saudi Arabia: Can MBS’ Economic and Religious Reforms Succeed?

25 Jul 2018

Professor Haykel delivers a lecture on Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s push for economic and social reform in Saudi Arabia. 

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An Interview with Dr Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

24 Jul 2018

    This talk can be viewed here:

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Revolution and Its Discontents: The Struggle for Reform in Post-revolutionary Iran

17 Jul 2018

Dr. Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi delivers a talk regarding his research on the reformist movement in post-revolutionary Iran. 

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The Hijaz: The First Islamic State

13 Jul 2018

Malik R. Dahlan delivers his talk based on his new book “The Hijaz: The First Islamic State”.

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A New Multipolarity

09 Jul 2018

MEI Research Intern Wayne Yeo writes on rising multipolarity and compares it with the environment before the two world wars. Read on to find out how Wayne interprets the significance of this multipolarity in historic terms.

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