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Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia – Cosmetic, not Substantial, Reforms

06 Jul 2018

In this article, our external contributor Edison Yap reminds readers that in view of social reforms for women in Saudi Arabia, one ought to not be blind to the real dilemma that such movements face in the Arabian monarchy....

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A Northern Tier in West Asia? – States, Networks, and Informal Diplomacy: Conference Summary

06 Jul 2018

Is a Northern Tier developing in West Asia? Who or what is West Asia? How are states using networks and informal diplomacy to come together to manage conflicting agendas

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MEI Senior Research Fellow Speaks at Melbourne Law School

04 Jul 2018

Last May, MEI Senior Research Fellow Victor Kattan participated in the Seventh Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law and a conference on Humanitarianism and the Remaking of International Law. Read on to find out more about his trip and...

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Tigers-Turned-Traitors? The Business of Devotion in Turkish Foreign Policy

25 Jun 2018

Last week, MEI Research Fellow Serkan Yolaçan held an Arabia-Asia cluster seminar to discuss the role of the Gülen movement in the neo-Ottoman foreign policy of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP). Here is the summary.

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Qatar, UAE and the Latest Game in the Gulf Crisis

19 Jun 2018

Today, Research Fellow Nisha Mathew discusses the issues surrounding the cultural, economical and political links between contemporary Emirati society and neighbouring Qatar. Read on to find out more.

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Laughing at Power: Satire in the Arab World

13 Jun 2018

Our Research Associate Muneerah Razak discusses the importance of satire in the Arab world and its role in public discourse of politics against oppressive regimes in the region.  

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Mosalah and Football Nationalism

12 Jun 2018

Our Research Intern Wayne Ang explores the rise of Egyptian football star Mohamed ‘The Pharaoh’ Salah and how he rides on the unifying force of football to show the world what it means to be Muslim in a cosmopolitan...

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The End of the Rentier State: Jordan and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

11 Jun 2018

Our Research Intern Muhammad Garda Ramadhito discusses the probability of the end of Jordan as a semi-rentier state due to economic stagnation and foreign aid arising from the 2011 Syrian Refugee Crisis.

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The GCC Crisis: One Year On

06 Jun 2018

Senior Research Fellow Mattia Tomba takes a look at Qatar and the strength of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) a year into the Gulf crisis. 

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“Palestine’s Children” by Ghassan Kanafani

27 May 2018

Today, Research Associate Muneerah Razak reads to us “Return to Haifa”, one of the 14 stories in Kanafani’s “Palestine’s Children”. Palestine’s Children is a collection of stories translated by Barbara Harlow and Karen E. Riley.

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