Bringing you a step closer to the various facets of the region

Religious Minorities of the Middle East

02 Aug 2018

The widely-held association of the Middle East with the Islamic tradition often eludes the minority religious communities that make up the region. From Jews in Israel to Yazidis in Iraq, the people of the Middle East are a mosaic...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Mosques around the World

09 Jul 2018

While Islam did originate from the Middle East, its message spread to various corners of the world, including China. The mosque, the place of worship for Muslims, is one of the quintessential symbols of Islamic civilisation, the synthesis of...

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MEI Infusions | The History of Middle East Football

19 Jun 2018

As the 2018 World Cup concludes its first round of group matches, we revisit the significance of how the sport has developed from a Middle Eastern perspective. We look at the little gems that the Middle East has to...

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MEI Infusions | The Gold in Malabar

18 Apr 2018

Spirituality, controversy and royalty. The New Yorker featured the developments at Shri Padmananbhaswamy Temple, and this infographic provides an overview of the different perspectives enveloping this dispute.       To receive invitations to our events and copies of...

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MEI Infusions | Art in the Silk Road

18 Apr 2018

The Silk Road facilitated a wide variety of activities and served as one of the focal points of exchange. Here’s a brief overview of the artistic styles present in the Silk Road! To receive invitations to our events and...

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MEI Infusions | Religion and the Silk Road

06 Apr 2018

The Silk Road was just not a path for the exchange of goods and artefacts, but also a focal point for the spread of religious beliefs as we learn in this brief history lesson! To receive invitations to our...

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