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Insight 175: Why Central Asia Counts   
Posted on 06 November 2017

A Note from the Editorial Team

At the Middle East Institute, we welcome the scholarship of researchers from various disciplines within and without the Institute, looking not just at the Middle East but even a little beyond. With this issue, our guest contributor, S. Frederick Starr of the Central Asia – Caucasus Institute, takes us to Central Asia as he gives his thoughts on why the region is a darkhorse that needs to be taken more seriously, particularly by Southeast Asia.



By S. Frederick Starr


Insight 174: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series- Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk: Untying the Knot   
Posted on 16 October 2017

Developments in the Middle East Insight Series

A Note from the Editorial Team

Last Friday, Victor Kattan’s Insight focused on developments in Palestine with the landmark deal signed between Fatah and Hamas, possibly paving the way for a greater Palestinian unity against Israeli occupation. We continue to keep abreast of developments in the Middle East as they happen, focusing this week on Iraq and the Kurdish Question. As part of our ongoing Developments in the Middle East Insight series, MEI’s Fanar Haddad explains how the Kurdish Referendum on the 25th of [--]

Insight 173: Developments in the Middle East Insight Series- A Heavy Dose of Realism Brought Hamas and Fatah Together   
Posted on 13 October 2017

By Victor Kattan


On October 12, 2017, Hamas signed a deal reconciling it with Fatah and its leader, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, after a decade of alienation and failed reconciliation attempts. Hamas agreed to disband its shadow administration and form a government of national unity with the Palestinian Authority (PA) because it had little choice. President Abbas’ decision to tighten the screws on Gaza over the summer, and the isolation of [--]

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