The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen – A View from the South   
Date: 24 July 2017 Time: 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM  
Speaker(s): Muhammad Bin-Dohry
Hadhramaut Research Centre (Yemen)
Venue: MEI Conference Room, Level 6
29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Block B #06-06
Singapore 119620


The NUS Middle East Institute is pleased to collaborate once again with the Arab Network @Singapore (AN@S) for a public talk on the current devastation and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. We are both honoured to host a renowned and respected figure in Yemen, as well as among the global Hadhrami (South Yemen) diaspora, Mr Muhammad Bin-Dohry, as our featured speaker for this event. 

Mr Bin-Dohry will share his personal and professional experiences on the developments unfolding in the war. His presentation will also give particular emphasis on strategic cities in South Yemen namely Hadhramaut, Al Mahrah, Aden and Taiz, which are the originating cities of most migrant Arab families in Singapore. He also has direct personal involvement in facilitating humanitarian aid and other forms of support for South Yemen from the Hadhrami diaspora around the world. The advantages and challenges of the supporting network between the diaspora with the motherland will also be discussed at this talk.


About the Speaker

​Muhammad Bin-Dohry is a former Senior Commercial Officer, at the British Embassy/Consulate, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia(1975-1988) and in 1990 joined the Saudi Embassy, Commercial Office in London as Commercial Consultant, he retired in 2010. He is the founder of the Hadhrami Diaspora Website (, and one of the founders of Hadhramaut International Schools, Mukalla (September 2014), the first IGCSE English school in Hadhramaut. He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hadhramaut Research Centre (HRC), Mukalla, Yemen, since December 2013. He regularly writes reports on the current political, economic situation in Hadhramaut and Yemen. He also works in facilitating humanitarian/medical aid for Hadhramaut and other Yemeni provinces with various international organisations, charities and Hadhramis in the Diaspora. He is a member of the British-Yemeni Society as well as the Friends of Hadhramaut.

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